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Entry #3

Ever heard of Van Canto, the A cappella metal band?

10/11/10 by Kogasu
Updated 2/8/12

They're my new most favorite metal band right now. No matter how guitarless and bassless they are :D. They kick ass!


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Yeeh :D
Van Canto rocks..know them personally, they live almost in the same city as i do :)
Cool guys, i never had even the idea to make anything like that xD

1/7/12 (Updated 1/7/12) Kogasu responds:

Yes, they are soooo awesome! They're one of my most favorite bands.... as it says up there LOL.... That's kewl that you know them and live close to them too! They should tour over here in America that would be awesome :D



Just discovered them on randomly. :D

10/16/10 Kogasu responds:

:D Hehe kewl!